NEXT WORKSHOPS: All year long on request

Next classes in Overijse, BE (close to Brussels):  November & December 2021.

Teaching dates in Overijse and Murano (Venice) also on appointment.

Below is an overview of the beginners' program. It is not compulsary to take both days but I feel that one full day is needed to get a real sense of what lampwork beadmaking is about.

I do adapt as we go along and will be happy to teach specific techniques on request.

3 students maximum.


10h-12h30 & 13h30-17h

210 Eur/day, lunch and materials included and you get to keep your beads of course.

Day 1

Security, theory, a bit of history

a simple round bead

pulling stringers

Applying dots & stringers

Sahpes: tubes

Playing with gravity

flowers, bubbles


Day 2

Shapes: bicones, squares, disks

What can you do with dots: hearts, feathering ...


Encased stringers

Hollow beads