Studio - Gallery in  Overijse, BE

You need  a last minute gift or you would like a piece of jewelry that matches perfectly your  outfit  ...

Please drop me a mail below. I will be happy to show you my studio and gallery in Overijse, a 10 min drive away from Brussels.

Mus'Verre - Sars Poteries, FR

My 'Seeds' pebbles, alongside my blown hearts 'Seeds of Love' and a selection of my AANE jewelry can now be found at the Glasshop of the  newly built glass museum in Sars Poteries, just across the border with Belgium (close to Maubeuge FR, 45 min from Charleroi, BE)

Sofitel Louise Brussels, BE

Due to the sanitary situation, my jewelry is not on display in the lobby of the Sofitel Louise at the moment.I hope to be able to resume this collaboration very soon.

Het Glazenhuis - Lommel, BE

A selection of my 'Frozen Windows' and ' Seeds' jewelry collection can be found at the Glasshop of the Museum.

Gallery Plus - Wells-next-tot-the-sea, UK

A selection of my 'Windows' and 'Popsicle' collection can be  found at this colorful Gallery located a couple of hours North of London.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and if you wish to be kept informed about my activities or if you're interested in buying or exhibiting my work


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or on my instagram account: @anuschb and @anuschbjewelry

Lobby at the Sofitel Brussels Louise, Belgium