Vents d'Anges

'Vents d'Anges': inspired from the journey of friends who decided to sell their house, leave their jobs and embark on a sailing around the world with their children.

'Vents d'Anges':

This collection is inspired from the beautiful project that Vents d'Anges is carrying . It has been specifically created to be spread around the world

Part of the sales will contribute to a very special journey which is all about exchanging and sharing.

Each bead has been flameworked on the torch. It has then been cold worked with the battuto technique, which is a traditional engraving technique from Murano, Venice. Each bead is unique

Prices vary  between 85 and 120 euro.

Please do send me a message if you wish to see more pictures, or order a specific colour ... and help contribute to that adventure by wearing one of my special Vents d'Anges beads: contact