4 Hands

A même la peau ... Verre




A même le verre ... Cicatrices





flameworked glass beads, engraved with silver

Limite du corps, limite du cadre, limite de l'acte créateur ... Limite du désir.

L'envie de saisir le corps dans son essence mouvante, dans sa respiration, dans sa sensualité.

Thierry Pommerell

Black & White Argentic pictures

n many western african countries, bracelets in copper or bronze were given to the family of the young bride. Those bracelets were part of the family heritage and used in exchange of other valuable merchandise, therefore their name 'Money-Bracelets'.

Anne Canneel made for me those 4 Bracelet inspired sculptures in terracota. They serve as a support for 4 different glass necklaces.

Each glass bead of the necklace symbolises s a transparent wrist with a bracelet: either black & bronze leaf, creamy ivory, dark red or chocolate brown.