Tranches de Vie

'Tranches de Vie, Héritage '  These new pieces were born begin 2016, from a series of tests, coincidences,mistakes and breakage ...  They are closely linked to my father's passing away on August 18th, 2015. I dedicate this work to my father's legacy: the values he conveyed to me and to his inconditional Love that gave me the strength needed to find my own path and start healing.

Below you will find a few pictures of the first pieces from this new series together with the succession of events that led to their making.

crédit: PDemeuse, Studio12

More on the story behind the making of 'Tranches de Vie'

My father's funeral was set on August 28th, 2015. This was also the deadline for entering a request for an educational Grant with the Fondation Roi Baudouin. The Comity gave me 2 more weeks so I could enter my proposal.

On december 18th 2015, one week before my father's birthday, the Comity sends me a mail confirming I would receive a grant to follow a series of intensive glassblowing workshops with the Glass Master Yann Oulevay in Switzerland.

In February 2016, during my first workshop, a test with some special glass beads turns out to be really disappointing. Moreover the piece comes out the oven broken. Yann offers to test battuto on it, a specific Venetian engraving technique.

The result is magic: wooden rings seem to appear from the glass.

My father worked his whole life in Africa in the timber business.

How not to believe that this is no coincidence and that my father remains by my side in this new life I have chosen for, dedicated to glass and creating.

Yann Oulevay was kind enough to offer to blow those bigger pieces that I am not able yet to blow myself.

The battuto work was done by an amazing engraving artist: Matteo Seguso, in Murano-Venice.