We are made of more Water than Blood

Please find above the full Press Release about the exhibition at Muze'umL and the symbolics of the installation.

We are made of more Water than Blood

'in situ' installation around light, reflection and colour

Over 220 blown glass pebbles, some 1100 glass beads all made one by one.

My first installation, made specifically for the museum of light and landscape in Roeselare, Belgium

VERNISSAGE: Sunday 16 September 2018 from 2pm to 5pm

EXHIBITION: 16 September to 2 December 2018. Every Sunday from 2pm to 5pm

FINISSAGE: Sunday 2 December from 2pm to 5pm.

Part of the pebbles will be available for sale on that day. More specifically the white ones forming the meridian line in the installation. Besides funding part of the work, the pieces that are sold will have to be replaced for the next exhibition/installation, making this an evolving work of art that will be adapted to each new location.


Oost 3°7’45” / Noord 50°55’12” / Bergstraat 23 / 8800 Roeselare

outdoor site and architecture every day between 11am and 5pm



'In water, I find peace, inner silence and comfort ...'

The title of the installation mirrors my personal journey on a quest for change and transformation. Through this work I discovered again the inherent resilience that water is able to transmit.

The choice of the color blue to symbolize water also reflects my need at the moment to walk away from the color red which I use a lot in my work.

The installation is built around light, reflection and color it transmits through glass. It is also directly inpired by my first visit to Muze’umL in February 2017. I was attracted by the museum's concept around light and time and the connections the museum aims to establish along the light meridian in other parts of the world. Specifically the one with Africa as I grew up in Ivory Coast and I feel deeply rooted both in Belgium and in the African continent.

Therefore I hope this installation will be able to travel and evolve ...

Specifically for the museum, a meridian of glass pebbles with white Seeds beads because:

the light meridian links mountains on white, silver and grey// the light meridian enters europe in ‘blanken’berge' E 3°7’45” / N 51°19’00”

Alongside the installation, I will present a selection of the photographs I take of the reflections of my pieces. The light, the shadows and colors my pieces project have slowly taken as much value as the pieces themselves and are becoming a major component and companion of my work.

photo credit: Patrice Niset, Les Miroirs de l'Ombre

'Seeds - reflections' - 2018, photo AnuschB

'Seeds - reflections' - 2018,  photo AnuschB

The white pebbles, part of the white meridian of light, are available for sale when you visit the exhibition at Muze'umL. open every Sunday, between 2pm & 5pm. From 16 Sept to 2 Dec 2018