In the early 1990’s, scientists from Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in Japan developed a product, which for many jewelry designers will be considered as a revolution. It requires no specific metal working experience and is of very simple use.

Precious Metal Clay or PMC is a combination of molecular sized particles of pure metal (silver, gold or even platinum), water and an organic binder.

It can be shaped, folded, rolled, textured, played with … just like ordinary clay.

After the water has been driven off, the dried piece is placed in a kiln to the fusing temperature of the constituent metal.

The result is a piece of fine silver or gold.

Although the process is easiest with pure metals, the latest developments allow also to make pieces in bronze.

'Half fold'


I discovered Precious Metal Clay with Noortje Meijerink in 2005. In 2006, I took the Rio Rewards PMC certification with Barbara Becker Simon.

The possibilities this new material offers in combination with lampwork is what interests me the most.

'Bracelets Monnaie': PMC in combination with glass beads

''Scarifications': lampwork glass bead engraved with PMC silver