Over the past 20 years or so that I have been creating jewelry, my pieces have started going along a few directions and themes that translate into collections. Each bead I make, each piece of jewelry I put together will be different in its smallest detail ... detail is what makes my heart beat faster.

I also make one of a kind pieces that include my own glass beads, and very often silver, semi-precious stones, other beads I have brought back from travels. The colors, the materials, the shapes, the story of each component will guide me in the making of those.

Not all my pieces are shown on this website as my work evolves constantly. If you wish to see my current work, please feel free to make an appointment for a demo at my workshop in Overijse, close to Brussels (Belgium) or come and visit me on the island of Glass: Murano (Italy).

From the Waves series

2017, unique piece, detail. Sold by Gallery Carpe Diem in Tielt, BE